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Research projects


Ambient vulnerabilities

From its temperature and humidity to its toxicity, the ambient environment is integral to health, comfort and wellbeing. My current research aims to conceptualise and map interrelations between air, climate and energy-related vulnerabilities in cities. Find out more about the project here.

Energy-related inequalities

Much of my research to date has explored the geographies of energy poverty and vulnerability in the home, from neighbourhoods in England to households in northern urban China.


Spatial inequality in 

the smart city

Building on research as a post-doc working with Prof. Rachel Franklin on the Alan Turing Institute funded 'Spatial Inequality in the Smart City' project, I am interested in the social and spatial inequalities embedded in sensor infrastructure increasingly deployed as part of smart city agendas.

Multiple deprivation

More broadly I am interested in how structural forms of inequality disadvantage particular people and places in different ways.

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